The Peoples’ Summit

June 15-17, 2021

Canada has pledged to meet a target of conserving 30% of its lands and oceans by 2030 (the 30 x 30 commitment). US President Biden made this commitment in one of his early executive actions. Québec and California are ahead in delivering on the promise of 30×30. Ontario currently sits at 10.7%.

The Peoples’ Summit will showcase and celebrate efforts to protect special places in Ontario.

Getting to 30% requires leadership from of all of us: Indigenous Nations, environmental organizations, communities, municipalities, conservation authorities, progressive industry, land trusts and more.

More than 40 speakers from all walks of life across many geographies will come together to share moving and inspirational stories on protecting lands and waters in Ontario. The Peoples’ Summit is honoured that 10 Indigenous Nations are sharing their stories.

The Summit lays out a new vision on protected areas that is inclusive, equitable and expansive. From Tall Grass Prairie in Windsor to Rouge Valley in Toronto to Algonquin Park near Huntsville to the ‘breathing lands’ of Hudson Bay Lowland, the Peoples’ Summit has it covered. Don’t miss this unique experience!

Together, let’s show the world how people are making huge strides towards meeting international conservation targets of 25% by 2025 and 30% by 2030.