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Census Data

  • The 2021 Canadian census was a detailed enumeration of the Canadian population with a reference date of May 11, 2021. It follows the 2016 Canadian census, which recorded a population of 35,151,728. The 2021 Population was recorded as 36,991,981 with 16,284,234 private dwellings.

Environmental/Climate Change Resources

Governance and Accountability

Housing Options

Neighbourhood Associations & Activities

Forming an Association

Funding your association & engaging residents

  • Shape the future of your neighbourhood (PDF) – Kitchener’s Neighbourhood Action Plan Guide. In 2015, the City brought together a project team of residents from across the city to develop #lovemyhood – Kitchener’s first ever Neighbourhood Strategy. #lovemyhood aims to build on the great things already happening in Kitchener’s neighbourhoods by giving residents tools, programs and resources to affect positive change in neighbourhoods. One of the key deliverables from the project was to develop a framework to help residents create Neighbourhood Action Plans.
  • Creating the Change We Want: A Guide for Building Neighbourhood Capacity – This publication produced by the City of Ottawa contains information that neighbourhood associations may find helpful.
  • Recruiting and renewing memberships
    Terry West, President of the Don Mills Residents Inc. in Toronto discusses how they have built their 1200 member association.
  • A successful fund-raiser 
    Janice Brown, past President of Durand Neighbourhood Association Inc. in Hamilton describes the Grand Durand Garden Tour. 
  • F.U.N. 2011 Survey Report – A report on the results of our survey of the most important issues for Ontario residents associations.

Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA)

Residents’ Association Activities

Ontario Planning Policies and Legislation

Preservation and Historical Resources

Provincial and Federal Advocacy

Taxation Issues


Urban Planning Resources