Queen’s Park Update – Fall 2011

  • On October 20 2011 the new Ontario Cabinet was sworn in at Queen‘s Park.
  • Kathleen Wynne is now responsible for working with municipalities as Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. She will also serve as Minister of Aboriginal Affairs. She was most recently Minister of Transportation.
  • Dwight Duncan remains Minister of Finance and adds Deputy Premier to his responsibilities
  • Brad Duguid becomes Minister of Economic Development and Innovation. This ministry brings together Ontario’s economic development, international trade and innovation initiatives to focus on job creation and economic growth.
  • Chris Bentley is the new Minister of Energy — he will continue to drive Ontario’s transition towards clean, renewable energy while ensuring we stay on track to create 50,000 clean energy jobs.
  • Bob Chiarelli will lead two portfolios. As Minister of Infrastructure and Minister of Transportation, Chiarelli will oversee the government’s infrastructure and transportation investments that are key drivers of job creation.
  • John Geretsen is Attorney General and Jim Bradley is Minister of the Environment
  • All ministers in the new 22-member cabinet — down from 28 — have previously held cabinet positions.
  • The full Ontario Cabinet sworn in on October 20 is found at: http://news.ontario.ca/opo/en/2011/10/the-executive-council-of-ontario.html


During the recent Provincial election, The Federation of Urban Neighbourhoods tendered a questionnaire with 6 questions1 on topics of interest to neighbourhood associations across the province to the leaders of the four main parties: Liberals, Progressive Conservative, New Democratic Party and the Green Party. In light of the result – a minority Liberal government – we feel that it would be helpful to have comparative information available on the responses of all three parties that have elected representatives in the Legislature, and not just the Liberals that have formed the government.

The summary below is followed by updates on the issues that are of interest to FUN.

Queen’s Park Update-Fall 2011