Protecting Ontario’s Environmental Future

What’s next after the gutting of the Conservation Authorities?

On December 8th, the provincial government passed a law making big changes to the way Conservation Authorities operate, handing major environmental planning decisions over to the government – and their developer friends. 

But these huge and damaging changes were just the latest in a long string of attacks on Ontario’s environment, such as reduced protection for endangered species, planning an unnecessary highway through farmland and a portion of the Greenbelt, weakening climate action plans and approving developments on protected wetlands. Together it paints a very clear picture of who benefits: developers.

For eight members of the Greenbelt Council, including Chair David Crombie, the latest attack was the last straw, and they resigned from the council en masse earlier this month.

I know a lot of people feel the same way. So what’s next for Ontario’s environment? 

Join me, Tim Gray, along with David Crombie, Anastasia Lintner from the Canadian Environmental Law Association, and Anne Bell from Ontario Nature, for a live discussion on January 12 at 7p.m. (EDT).

We’ll be talking about what the changes to Conservation Authorities mean in general, what they mean right now for the proposed destruction of the Lower Duffins Creek wetland complex in Pickering, and then we’ll put it all into context with a wider discussion about protecting Ontario’s environment from future attacks.  

The fight for the future of Ontario’s environment is far from over, and we’re going to need your help – because Ontario is Yours to Protect.

Register today to join the live discussion on January 12, at 7p.m.

In solidarity,

Tim Gray
Executive Director
Environmental Defence