Our membership represents neighbourhood, environmental and community associations in municipalities across the Province of Ontario.  A strong voice for citizens is necessary in all regions to preserve the quality of life of our urban communities.

FUN depends on the input of our members both in understanding issues and contributing to their resolution. Our position on issues can be found here on our website, which we provide as a source of information for community groups. FUN distributes eBlasts to our network of resident organizations, environmental organizations, special interest groups as well as the government and MPPs of all parties (legislature) and urban centre Mayors to broadly communicate on issues of concern. 

We need your involvement as well as funding to continue our work speaking on behalf of community organizations across the Province.

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F.U.N. has a two-tier membership structure:

  • Regular Members: have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting and are eligible to serve on the FUN Executive. There is a $50 fee. Our financial year runs from January 1 to December 31. To apply for membership or to renew a membership, please complete the online form below, selecting “Regular Member” as the membership type.  We will email you an invoice with payment instructions.
  • Associate Members: do not have voting rights and are ineligible to serve on the FUN Executive. Associate members will receive all of our communications. There is no fee. If you wish to join as an associate member, please fill out and submit the online form below, selecting “Associate Member” as the membership type.

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