Queen’s Park Report – November, 2018

FUN’s Role in the Province of Ontario

The Federation of Urban Neighbourhoods (FUN) of Ontario supports and advocates for the interests of community, resident and ratepayer associations throughout the Province of Ontario.

FUN’s mandate includes:

  • fostering communication among these associations and keeps them informed of decisions and actions taken by the Provincial Government, official bodies such as the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) (which replaces the Ontario Municipal Board) as well as actions of individual municipalities that have province-wide significance.
  • receiving and acting on the concerns of its Member Associations by preparing submissions to the Provincial Government and other official bodies, and lobbying for improvements in legislation governing municipalities and agencies of the Provincial and Federal Governments.

Many of Ontario’s cities claim to be “cities of neighbourhoods”. FUN plays a critical role in maintaining healthy and vibrant neighbourhoods through its communications and advocacy activities. And never has this role been more valuable, and more needed, than currently where the Ontario government has yet to unveil its full urban agenda. However the Government’s early decision to reduce the number of councillors in Toronto, Ontario’s capital city, without consultation, and in the middle of an election process already underway leads many communities to be concerned about the pace and the direction of changes.

FUN uses its website, newsletters and Queen’s Park Reports to provide information in a timely fashion to its Member Associations. FUN lobbies Government through its submissions on legislation such as the Planning Act, the Municipal Elections Act, the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, the Ontario Heritage Act, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) and the Ontario Elections Act. Recently FUN was an informed voice in the consultation leading up to the elimination of the OMB and its replacement by the LPAT.

What does this mean for you?

FUN has a broad membership among the community organizations in the urban areas of Ontario. We invite your community organization to join FUN for a membership fee of only $25 per Member Association per year. Member Associations receive information bulletins from FUN and are able to submit concerns that can form the basis for lobbying different levels of government. We also invite members to invite individuals from their association to serve on the FUN Executive Committee which meets monthly. The FUN website is a source of information and help for associations.

However, to continue to be effective, FUN is dependent on urban community associations joining and sharing information and concerns. By working together, the organizations in our local neighbourhoods and communities have made a difference at both the local and provincial levels. Help us to continue this task by joining the Federation of Urban Neighbourhoods of Ontario or by supporting FUN by registering your association by sending us your name, organization and email address.