FUN 2022 AGM

Saturday, June 18, 2022

FUN depends on our members understanding issues and contributing to their resolution. We share information, concerns and expertise with our member organizations, other groups and all levels of government. We need your involvement to continue our work speaking on behalf of community organizations across the Province. Please consider becoming an active member by joining the Board of Directors.

Guest Speaker: Graham Churchill, Executive Director, A Better Richmond Hill

Sprawl, Tall, or Infill – Are These Really Our Only Choices?

With the Ontario government expecting the GTA to grow by an additional 2.9M people in the next 25 years, we need a sensible growth plan. The politicians aren’t doing it so citizen groups need to come together to create one. Graham Churchill has a plan, and he’s looking for like-minded community groups to help refine it.

Graham Churchill is Executive Director for A Better Richmond Hill, a non-profit group formed in 2020 to clean up dirty politics in Richmond Hill. Graham has been leading the fight to prevent the “Transit Oriented Community” development at Yonge Street and Highway 407 in Richmond Hill, and now, since the EMZO (Enhanced Minister’s Zoning Order) was issued on April 14, 2022, to overturn it. Under the Ford government’s plan this location would become the second densest housing centre in the world after the Dharavi slums of Mumbai!