Do you and some neighbours want to form an association, but don’t quite know where to start? There is some very good guidance from groups across Canada that will help provide detailed advice to get you started.

Forming a municipal ratepayers or neighbourhood association within a community is the first step towards productively channeling concern about planning, development, safety and other community issues, with local elected officials, developers, local and provincial government and services, and land use committees and tribunals. Getting organized can be both fun and rewarding and help build stronger, more connected communities.

  • So, you want to start a neighbourhood association? (Happy City, St. John’s, NFLD) Neighbourhood associations (NAs) are the building blocks of community. They bring neighbours together, foster trust, and allow residents to tackle civic issues important to them. They allow for easier communication with elected officials, and the power of numbers gives the requests of NAs more weight in municipal decision making. Sounds great, but how do you even begin?
  • Neighbourhood Association Guide – (NeighbourGoodLondon, London, ON) Give your neighbourhood a powerful, united voice and stand up for your community. There is strength in numbers, especially in neighbourhoods where change regularly happens that can affect you and your community’s quality of life. By creating a neighbourhood association, your community can have a powerful and unified voice. This is how strong and safe neighbourhoods are created. So, the next time you see your neighbours on the street, tell them about your idea to start a neighbourhood association – the first step is that easy.
  • Lethbridge Neighbourhood Associations – (Council of Lethbridge Neighbourhoods, Lethbridge, AB) Lethbridge is home to 43 neighbourhoods and a recent trend in grassroots organization has spurred many of these neighbourhoods to consider formally organizing associations to represent and support their community. A guide was created to support emerging neighbourhood groups in forming an association. Take some time to read through the guide, and if you have any questions be sure to connect with us.