Moving Forward Transportation Forum draws a crowd

The Moving Forward Forum on transportation and funding issues took place in Markham on May 12. It was held in conjunction with F.U.N.’s AGM which took place earlier in the day. An AGM report will be posted separately.

The Foum was a great success: 159 attendees, superb presenters/panelists, 9 important survey questions answered and a lively Q&A.  Markham-Unionville MPP Michael Chan, who is Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport provided greetings from the Province and Mayor Frank Scarpitti welcomed attendees to his municipality.

There were at least 3 people who were tweeting live from the Forum. To get highlights of the Forum from the tweeters you can go to the following website:

All presentation material as well as video recordings of all segments of the Forum are available at the links below.

Session I –  Transportation Problems & Solutions
Metrolinx’ John Howe Slides
Howe Video Part1 (10 minutes)
Howe Video Part2 (10 minutes)
Howe Video Part3 (10 minutes)
Howe Video Part 4 (9 minutes)

Session II –  Funding Solutions

Toronto Board of Trade’s Richard Joy’s Slides
Joy Video Part1 (10 minutes)
Joy Video Part2 (5 minutes)

U of T’s Matti Siemiatycki Slides
Siemiatycki Video Part1 (10 minutes)
Siemiatycki Video Part2 (10 minutes)
Siemiatycki Video Part3 (10 minutes)

National Transit Strategy: Olivia Chow message

Session III – Expert Panel
Expert Panel Video Part 1 (10 minutes)
Expert Panel Video Part 2 (6 minutes)
Expert Panel Video Part 3 (7 minutes)
Expert Panel Q & A Video Part 1 (10 minutes)
Expert Panel Q & A Video Part 2 (2 minutes)
Expert Panel Q & A Video Part 3 (8 minutes)
Expert Panel Q & A Video Part 4 (8 minutes)

NOTE: our thanks to Alick Siu of Civic Engagement Canada for recording the Forum and making it available online.

Results of the 9 question survey at the Forum: click here
If you missed the Forum and want to take the survey: click here