Bill 23 Open Letter

Bill 23 Individual Letter

Dear Members of the Standing Committee, Premier Ford and MPPs,

We are writing to express our support for the grave concerns expressed in FoNTRA’s open letter sent to the Premier on November 11, 2022. The open letter highlights ten major reasons why Bill 23 should not proceed.

While we agree that there is a housing supply and affordability issue in Ontario and support the broad goal that new housing should be built and be available across a spectrum of incomes and needs, we feel that Bill 23 does little to further that goal and instead will do much damage to the liveability of our communities, the environment and democracy in the province of Ontario.

The proposed legislation is focussed on land acquisition and intensification without consideration of infrastructure, schools, parklands and green spaces. We need to find the balance between affordability, liveability, and sustainability to meet our housing needs.

We request that the Bill be withdrawn to allow for a proper public consultation and analysis.

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Recipients: Premier Doug Ford, Hon. Steve Clark, Hon. Todd Smith, Hon. David Piccini, Hon. Neil Lumsden, MPP Jessica Bell, and Standing Committee member MPPs Laurie Scott, Laura Mae Lindo, Jill Andrew, Hardeep Singh Grewal, Joel Harden, Kevin Holland, Graham McGregor, Mary-Margaret McMahon, Billy Pang, Sheref Sabawy, Laura Smith and Vijay Thanigasalam

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