2011 Annual General Meeting Report

May 7, 2011

Meeting was held at reThink Environmental Resource Centre in Sudbury.

Attendees in person: Archie Campbell (chairing), Hon. Rick Bartolucci (guest speaker), John Caron, Darlene Caron, Naomi Grant, Amy Kempster, Daniel Barette

Attendees by conference call: Bill Phillips, Geoff Kettel, Harry Eaglesham, Joann Sabourin, Gloria McGinn-McTeer, Don Stewart (recording)

The meeting was called to order at 10:35 am

Moved by John Caron, seconded by Bill Phillips that the report of the 2010 Annual General Meeting prepared by Bill Phillips be accepted and adopted as the minutes. Carried.

The president’s report contained in Appendix 2 was read by Archie Campbell, who moved its adoption, seconded by Harry Eaglesham. Carried.

The Treasurer’s report contained in Appendix 3 was presented and moved by John Caron, seconded by Joann Sabourin. Carried.

The auditor’s report contained in Appendix 5 was presented.

Ratification of the executive decisions made since the last general meeting was moved by Bill Phillips, seconded by Geoff Kettel. Carried.

The constitution amendments contained in the revised constitution contained in Appendix 6 were moved by John Caron, seconded by Bill Phillips. The amendments change “General Meeting” to “Annual General Meeting” and modify the wording to accommodate associate member in addition to regular member organizations. Carried.

Bill Phillips presented the nomination report contained in Appendix 7 with the amendment to add Joann Sabourin of the Downtown Residents’ Association in Windsor. The report lists the candidates for the executive. Seconded by Don Stewart. Carried.

The proposed budget contained in Appendix 4 was moved by John Caron, seconded by Bill Phillips. Carried.

John Caron moved the regular membership dues be $50 for the coming year and that executive be authorized to decide any membership dues for associate members. Seconded by Gloria McGinn-McTeer. Carried.

John Caron moved, seconded by  Gloria McGinn-McTeer, that Anthony Smith of Guelph be re-appointed auditor for the coming year. Carried.

Archie Campbell introduced the Hon. Rick Bartolucci, Minister of Urban Affairs and Housing, as guest speaker. Mr. Bartolucci talked about his personal views on successful advocacy. His points included:

  • Governments must listen to people’s views, as it gives better results
  • The government is completing its review of the Provincial Policy statement, based on over 400 submissions.
  • Noted the government is gradually uploading social service costs, freeing up money for municipal uses.
  • Highlighted the re-greening of Sudbury as a result of visionaries, as it started with a groundswell of community involvement.
  • Noted the government had passed Bill 140 , and asked that we press the Federal Government to adopt a national long term housing strategy.
  • Referred to Barry Wellar as an example of advocacy as an expert on urban and transportation issues.
  • Talked about his own advocacy for the improvement of Highway 69, which was the most dangerous highway in Canada. It started when he was on City Council and took over 20 years to come to fruition.
  • Recommended being consistently “loud” and proactive.

Mr. Bartolucci concluded by thanking the attendees for their involvement in their communities.

Archie Campbell thanked the Minister for coming and his remarks.

He then thanked the Coalition for a Livable Sudbury for hosting the meeting.

Adjournment was moved by XXX and adjourned at 11:57 am.

Appendix 1 – Agenda


10:30 a.m.
Call to Order
Approval of Minutes of AGM held May 01, 2010
President’s Report
Financial Report for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2010
Ratification of Decisions taken by Executive Committee since last GM
Proposed Amendments to the Constitution and ByLaws
Election of Officers and Executive Committee for 2011/2012
Budget for 2011/2012
Confirmation of Membership Dues
Appointment of an auditor for 2011

11:15 a.m.
Remarks by the Honourable Rick Bartolucci, Minister of Urban Affairs and Housing – a question and answer session will follow

12:00 p.m. Lunch

1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Organize to Win Workshop and Seminar – Led by Liz Benneian
Location: Bishcoff Lounge 4th floor, St. Andrews Place, 111 Larch Street

Appendix 2 – President’s Report

In my report last year I noted the 10th anniversary of the initial meeting in Hamilton of individuals that would lead to the founding and incorporation of this organization the following year.  So, this fall will be the tenth anniversary of our constitution.  As a founding member of that group who met in Hamilton I remember not only the debate over the adoption of our constitution and bylaws but also the gloomy overcast weather that seemed eerily appropriate.  The event we will always remember as 9/11 had occurred just a few weeks earlier and that weekend the story of the anthrax attacks were dominating the news cycle.  Coincidently we are reminded of these events by the death of Osama bin Laden just a few days ago and also reminded of a period in world history where we were distracted from doing more important work by the shadow of these events.  Perhaps this week will mark a turning point where we worry less about international terrorism and more about an issue like climate change.

Two years ago our past president, William Phillips, in his annual message reminded us of the environmental imperatives involved in our work as members of F.U.N.  Almost every fight our members have undertaken with their City Councils or the OMB or the Province has been over protection of our natural environment and urban heritage against the constant pressures of urban sprawl and the attempt to compromise and degrade our natural and built inheritance.  Over the last ten years we have had setbacks and the last 12 months have been a reminder of some of them. Canadians have elected a national government which shows the greatest reluctance in protecting the environment, while as recent examples of spending under the rubric of Canada’s Action Plan demonstrate, has facilitated the seemly inexorable growth of ill thought out suburban development.  The OMB seems as powerful as ever.  The municipal elections of last year show a tipping of the scales in favour of the developers.

Now we face a provincial election this fall which could accelerate this pro-developer trend even more dramatically.  To meet this challenge we need to make this organization far more effective.  Over the last decade we’ve accumulated a useful storehouse of knowledge to help us engage the advocates of sprawl and urban degradation, but are not using our resources as effectively as we can.

However, thanks the establishment of two committees, one on membership one on communications, and to the heroic efforts the committee chairs, Harry Eaglesham and Janice Brown, we have gone a considerable distance towards making ourselves more visible.

Our website has been revamped over the last few months and will now be updated more frequently thanks to the prodding and leadership of Janice to ensure that certain members of the executive are making regular contributions to it.

We are expanding our membership base thanks to initiatives such as the proposed membership and bylaw changes you will vote on later in this meeting. Nearly 400 community groups across the province now know about us, and, thanks to the survey we sent out earlier this year, we now know their key issues. Our membership base has grown to 80 and should continue to grow should we show some success over the next few months.

I’d like express my thanks to the contributions of the other members of the executive over the past year, including our two past presidents, Gloria McGinn-McTeer and Bill Phillips, our conscientious treasurer and by-law enforcement officer, John Caron, our vice  president, Naomi Grant, who is our Sudbury host, our recording  secretary, Don Stewart, our member at large, Amy Kempster, who  filled in as secretary when Don couldn’t attend one of our meetings, our Fontra representative, Geoff Kettel, whose group provided us vital policy advice and guidance over the past year, and finally the contribution of Rob Payne.

Archie Campbell